Double your Social Security benefits

Double your Social Security benefits

Would you like double your Social Security benefits in exchange for all your free medical benefits?   It's possible!

Wikipedia shows US government spending is 20% military, 20% social security, and 23% medicare and medicaid.
If you gave up your medical benefits, you should be allowed to double your SS check from 20x to 43x.

Above simplification does not distinguish Medicare from Medicaid(limited to poor people). The two are about equal in size. If you are rich, your federal medical benefit is only half your SS. If you are poor, your medical benefit exceeds, possibly far exceeds your SS. Wouldn't the poor rather have more for SS=(food, rent, etc) than blowing it all on medical? Most of that high priced medical comes near the end of life, so enriches the medical industry at the expense of the poor. Read How doctor's die.

We paid for it.   Why don't we get to choose a suitable percentage of our retirement benefits for medical care?

Reason why is: lobbying.   Health is 2nd only to bankers!

So what should we do?   If you figure out the answer, please let me know.

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