Chances of coming to Alaska
alumni, friends, and family

The following people have been heard from by April 24.

Who?Coming? Accompanying?
Ray Abma Registered.  
Francois Audebert Registered.  
Tariq Alkhalifa "The US embassy did not grant me an entry visa."  
Bee Bednar Yes! Jeanette
Jim Berryman Yes! Marcia
Dimitri Bevc I'm coming. ?
Biondo BiondiYes! no
Morgan Brown wish we could Kim and child
Nizar Chemingui I'm registered. Ferial
Jon ClaerboutYes! spouse Diane, and sister Lorna Claerbout with George Sibbald
Bob ClappYes! Marie
Marie ClappYes! Bob
Steve Cole I'll be attending. Looking forward to it!  
Carlos Cunha No. I have a teaching conflict.  
Joe Dellinger Registered.  
Steve Doherty coming  
John Etgen coming Jenni
Sergey Fomel No.  
Paul Fowler afraid not.  
Alfonso Gonzalez I'm coming.  
Antoine Guitton I'm coming. Williams (brother)
Dave Hale No. I'm teaching.  
Jun Ji I'll come.  
Martin Karrenbach He's registered to come!  
Clement Kostov I'm coming.  
Diane LauYes! sister Amy
Stew Levin I'm registered.  
Chris Liner I'm coming.  
Zhiming Li planning to go son Allen, 22(?)
Jesse Lomask I'm registered.  
Andrew Long Emergency cancelation Ros and Claire (age 8)
Lee Lu I am coming!  
David Lumley Yes, we're booked. Glynis
Heloise Lynn I'm enthusiastic. husband Walt Lynn
Peter Mora No. (illness)  
Larry Morley Yes.  
Martin Morf Yes. Roz
Dave Nichols He's registered to come!  
Rick Ottolini I'm coming.Have you heard of anyone spending extra time in Alaska? I'm going to Denali afterwards.
Reinaldo Michelena I'm coming.  
James Rickett Unfortunately, I'm double booked that week for Hawaii.  
Don Riley I'm coming! Deborah
Fabio Rocca No. I am teaching then.  
Shuki Ronen No   Too many conflicts.  
Daniel Rosales I'm registered.  
Dan Rothman No. I have a conference conflict.  
Paul Sava I'll try. maybe
Phil Schultz I'm registered  
Matthias Schwab Count me in. (not registered) no
Guojian Shan I'm registered.  
Christof Stork I'm registered.  
Jeff Thorson No.  
Jos van Trierwill check Joyce
Nick Vlad I'll try.  
Marta Woodward I'm registered. no
Kamal Yahya I tried, but could not. maybe
Oz Yilmaz I'm coming.  
Boris Zavalishin Wish I could.  
Lin Zhang I'm registered.  

Have not been able to find an email address for (Allen) Bert Jacobs, who else? Alumni seeking other alumni may ask Jon or Diane Lau for email addresses.

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