Moldaw Biking Group

I have joined a small biking club centered at the Moldaw Retirement home. We currently have 3-5 active members from Moldaw and its neighborhood. We typically run 12-20 miles every Friday. That amounts to a 90 minute ride before lunch and 45 minutes after. I usually take a photo or two. Here's a link to my Google Photos biking-club album.

If you live in the neighborhood, or if you live on Stanford Campus, or anywhere in Palo Alto, you might like to join. The three most active members have battery-assist bikes, but many casual members do not. There are many hill-free rides from Moffett Field to the Dunbarton Bridge. Most bike dealers will loan you an e-bike for a trial. I am happy to coach and maybe invite you to try out mine. Here's an explanation of my October 2019 ebike purchase. In 2019 I also purchased a new car. So far, I've got more miles on the bike. Hooray!