His life in a paragraph

Writes humor. Swims races. Bicycles. High school track team. Dept of Forestry. Many girls. Graduates early. Hugs. Off to a farm job in Mexico. Writes more humor. Admitted to eight out of eight colleges including Stanford and Pomona. Hugs. 6'4". College radio station manager. More girls. Summer in Ecuador. Healthiest one in our family. Alaska summer job on a fishing boat. Plays a bass. Coordinates the campaign of Green party candidate for US congress. Becomes the first official guide at historic Kennicott mine in Alaska. Writes of his adventures. Hugs. Volunteers at a non-profit in Washington DC. Learns knitting. Knits many magnificent hats inventing each differently. Hugs. Tech writer in the dot-com boom. Creates web sites for his humor, games, movie scripts, political hot-button issues, knitting, technology, winning Java coding tutorial. Awarded a patent. Builds a big savings account. "Mumsie, what do you think of this young lady compared to the other one?" Hugs. Produces a movie. Age 25. Up early in the morning, off to the gym, bikes to his workplace, greets his friends in his normal exuberant manner. Working at his desk.     Sudden Cardiac Arrest   .   Shock!   Horror!   Grievous nightmare unending. We bury him. We cry and cry .... years later still. While always covered by expensive HMOs he was never given a heart exam. He would always make us laugh, make us smile, wake us up to something new. His brother writes, "Everything to him was amazing; everything in his life was superlative; and he wanted everyone else to experience life in that way."

The story is inspirational.

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