Jos the promoter

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Jos's daily greeting to his workmates: "Are we going to have fun today?"

"I've been convinced that I must go to business school and launch this idea myself! . . . . . . . . . . oh, no. Somebody else is going to have to go to business school."

"Amigito," Jos began, "I have a wonderful idea that you would be a fool not to want to be a part of."

"I can still hear him pitching an idea that at first glance seems ludicrous, at second seems idiotic, and at third begins to seem quite profitable." --Jano

"Jos didn't just do things. He embarked upon expeditions" --Ashton

Joel Black wrote and writes more:

"He'd look out there at all of you folks, and the first thing he'd say is,
"Look at all those beautiful people,"
because he always said that. Then he'd probably hug every one of you, and he'd touch every one of you, and he'd say something to every one of you, because he did that all the time. It's like he let everyone know that he loved everyone, first thing. And then, we'd sit down and start talking, and then the ideas would be flowing, and this is like the second piece of Jos. These ideas are flowing back and forth, and we're just running around with ideas--and he'd originate; he'd bounce back ideas. It was just a great thing--he's a great man."