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Is  A l e x C a b r e r a  the Anti-Christ?


A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.
Leviticus 20:27

"Natural" Disasters
Greenhouse effect
Nuclear weapons
Teenage Pregnancy
Dropping SAT Scores
Dick Armey

Coincidence or  A l e x   C a b r e r a?


___FREE FOOD!___

For the prosecution: Dax!

Dax writes: Yes, I remember the scene in the photo of Alex`s Antichrist trial very well. It was even published in the Pomona College newspaper. Although Jos defended Alex passionately, in the end, even he had to agree with my arguments in favor of Alex being the Antichrist. These included photos showing Alex`s ability to change into a cow, the ominious similarity of the initials A.C., and a complex mathematical equation from Catamount Mayhugh showing that the numerical value of Alex`s name was 666. Jos helped the rest of us try to throw Alex into the Frary Fountain (which we had recently learned was filled with holy water) as a final test, but knowing that this would destroy him, Alex managed to slip out of our grasp. It was a great day in the battle of good and evil. But today we see where Alex currently works and who falls under his devious influence. I, for one, do not sleep easily at night...

For the defense:   Jos!

The accused:   Alex!

A witness:   Gwen!

Gwen writes: Jos took delight in throwing potshots at canonized groups and ideas on campus. While he harbored few prejudices about anyone or anything, he found the rampant political correctness on campus abhorrent. He derided the frequent "open forums" about controversial issues on campus. He felt they rarely allowed for truly open discussion, and joked about the apparent necessity to offer free food to draw students to attend. These peeves manifested themselves in the flyer for the "open forum / inquisition" to decide whether or not Alex C:a:b:r:e:r:a was the Anti-Christ.