Journey to the grave of Johannes "Jos" Claerbout (born Jeremy Claerbout)

Journey to the grave of Johannes "Jos" Claerbout
(born Jeremy Claerbout)

The grave of Jos Claerbout is in the Alta Mesa Cemetery in Palo Alto, California. It is across the street from Gunn High School on Arastradero Road at the junction with Foothill Expressway. Google map

Enter the cemetery. After about 100 yards you pass an office on your left. If these verbal directions fail you, you can return to this office to get a map. While continuing to follow the main road generally straight ahead, carefully keep the large masoleums on your right.

Suddenly the road makes an abrupt 90-degree left turn. Park your car here. Instead of turning left to follow the road, turn right (exactly 90 degrees) and walk up slope on the grass for 11 rows, about 100 feet from the corner.

One photo of happy Jos (which his mother and father do not like to see) is Jos on the company's Napa valley vineyard excursion where he lies on the garden wall.

A year after his passing, family and eleven friends attend the unveiling of his gravestone.

His mother read
Peace be to the memory of your pure soul
You, my delight, my loving child
who filled my days and embellished my dreams
You, in whom I rested so many of my hopes and ambitions
(continues ....)
and his father said,

"From the Jos web site I read to you the voices of a few who are not here today, starting from his own."
"As for my Personal Philosophy,....."

From college best friend Jano, words from afar.

Memories of happier days, fading as memories do.

After 11 years, his commuting bike pays a visit, parks aside him. Click to enlarge.

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