The fateful hour

The fateful hour

Johannes "Jos" Dianovich (born Jeremy David) Claerbout, age 25, died on August 20, 1999.

He left the gym, bicycled to work, had breakfast, greeted his coworkers in his usual exuberant way, and sat down to read his email. Some minutes later he suffered a cardiac arrest, rasped, and passed into the great silence. Paramedics arriving within 4 minutes could raise no vital signs.

He seemed to be in perfect health. He had no vices, a vegetarian who drank not even coffee, cholesterol 123, was alert to health issues, knew what he was eating, a blood donor, and even brushed his teeth three times a day. Three of his grandparents were alive, his paternal grandfather having died at age 84.

We could not anticipate it.
Causes of sudden death in young athletes.

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