From: "Jano C"
To: jon
Subject: Re: Jos's gravestone
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 11:29:21 PST
I imagine that Jos signified many different things to different people. In a room full of strangers, he could see only friends, In the span of a day, he could change a lifetime, Jos Claerbout - son, friend - saw in everyone, what everyone saw in him: Inspiring Potential, Love, Friendship, Honesty, and Intelligence.

From: "Jano C"
To: jon
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 19:36:49 GMT

Dearest Jon and Diane,

Jos was one of my closest friends. I miss him dearly. To this day, I still have Jos moments, periods of the day when something joyous or funny will happen and my first instinct is to mentally file that moment away so I can tell Jos about it.

But obviously I can't.

What I can do however is gather all of the positive memories I have of Jos and focus on them.

  1. I can still hear Jos laugh at times.
  2. I can see him walking into a room, with his arms outstretched ready to hug everyone, anyone.
  3. I can hear him pitching an idea that at first glance seems ludicrous, at second seems idiotic, and at third begins to seem quite profitable.
  4. I can hear him advising me on my personal relationship -- and as always, he's wrong.
  5. I can see him stroking a beard that isn't on his chin, with fingers adorned with more rings than any man should have.
  6. I can hear him yell at the television screen, decrying the idiocy while at the same time I can see him laughing in wild abandon to such movies as "Dead Alive" and "Fear of a Black Hat."