"Grandma, I am going to knit a hat for you."

"Grandma, I am going to knit a hat for you."

story told by Jos's father (Popalop he called me)

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Jos told Grandma that he intended to knit a hat for her. She was incredulous that a big man with such a strong presence would know anything about knitting. He sat down on the couch next to her with his overstuffed knitting bag. "Isn't this beautiful yarn, Nory?" He produced a circular knitting needle and began to cast on. Her eyes brightened and they talked of yarn and needles and stitches. "I call my hats 'toessels'," he said, "Yosel's toessels."

"Grandma, this is going to be a beautiful toessel". She could see it would indeed become a beautiful hat. "I am making this toessel for you, Nory." She beamed. In the several hours of the evening, the toessel took form. "Nory, this is going to be a beautiful toessel and you are going to look beautiful in it." She was sitting on his lap. By the hour, it was becoming a more beautiful toessel. "Nory, you will be very beautiful in this toessel."

Jos expounded further on the charm of toessels with fins and with dreadlocks. Who else could convince Grandma that she needed a hat with added dreadlocks? "Nory, when you shake around these dreadlocks you will be irresistable to all the men at Pine Haven Home".

The time came for Grandma to model the toessel. Jos put the toessel on her. She strutted around the room, giggling and tossing her shoulders about in some way known instinctively to middle school girls when they become aware of their beauty.

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