Andrew S. Brown: I used to live a couple houses down from Jeremy on Allardice Way. A memory I'll never forget is of him sitting on a park bench in the little theater behind Spangenburg. I was doing stage tech for "one acts". Jeremy and Dave Lovercheck were performing Zoo Story. Jeremy was the straight man. Dave was Jerry. I must have heard the play 4 or 5 times from backstage. I never saw the show from the audience, but I never saw a better show at Gunn (and rarely thereafter) than any of those shows I spent backstage. I never forgot the power of that performance. I'll never forget that show. He gave me a ride home after the show a few times and I remember him with all those boxes of bikes in the garage. After spending an hour or two reading through his legacy, I hope that some of Jeremy's kindness and enthusiasm might rub off on me.