Christiane Petite: Jos had a nickname of sorts for me - in addition to the numerous endearments he bestowed on me and others, men and women alike, when he used my name, he always called me "Miss Petite." I was realizing today that when I'm not sharing fond and wacky memories of Jos among friends who knew him, I'm sharing him with new friends and admirers-in-the-making. I am so fortunate to have known him. Although it is sad and difficult to be without Jos and the delight he brought to us, every time I think of him, I have to smile. Every time. He's here in those memories and smiles and I treasure them as a gift that he continues to give to me. We definitely need to get out and have some adventures -- and in typical Jos fashion, even if he can't join us, I know he's cheering us on the whole way. [Click on the picture.]