Date:    Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:26:36 EDT
Subject: Jos Claerbout Coast to Coast Radio Memorial


As many of you undoubtedly remember Jos Claerbout left us on August 20 1999, 
he was only 25 years old. ( I 
wrote a song on my most resent album "Statements" about that day and how it 
effected me. It is called "Early Exit." I have spent last week organizing 
radio station across the country to play that song as a memorial to Jos on 
the 20th. From KUSF 90.3 FM in San Francisco to WVOF 88.5 FM in Fairfield, CT 
with, hopefully, many in between.
All of you can join in this memorial thanks to Noel Morrison, a friend of Jos 
and DJ at KUSF, who gave me the time he plans to talked about Jos and spin 
the song.

    'You can count on me playing "Early Exit" just after 8:00AM on the 20th.

Since some of you won't be able to tune in to KUSF 90.3 on your radio you can 
hear the station on the web by copy & pasting the URL below in RealPlayer or 
iTunes or Media Player or use the .PLS I enclosed.
I would like to thank Don Louv is also helping me try to get KZSU at Stanford 
(where Jos was a DJ at one point) to join in. And of course Jos' parents who 
gave me the idea to try and do this.

Please send this to all of Jos friends that you know of I have lost contact 
with many like Joel Black and Robert Stones. Thanks for helping me spread the 
word about this event so we can all remember what a great person Jos was.

Michael Cooke