Abigail Al-D. and Genevieve Lee

Abigail Al-D: I was a freshman and Jos a senior when I met him in social dance class, spring semester of 1997. We were dance partners for our dance party "final." I remember rehearsing with him days before, moving tables in the music library and putting on waltz music...

Jos composed "Tough Women II" for the piano; it was his final project for the "materials of music" class he took in spring of 97, taught by Genevieve Lee. When he learned I was a piano major, he asked me to perform his final composition. I remember liking the piece very much, especially considering what his classmates were composing... For a while after I played it for his class's performance. I was able to recall it by memory because it was catchy, but unfortunately it's faded out from under my fingers by now. If you find it and would like a recording of it, I'd be happy to make a tape if you send me a copy of the music.

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I was delighted to notice that on the score he writes "al dente" as a tempo marking and then on page 2 [at the bottom line], he modifies it to "al doory"! I think the piece is very sweet and I hope I've done it some justice.

Listen to Tough Women II: (played by Abigail Al-D)

I didn't know Jos very well, yet I had a special fondness for him--sort of like a younger sister's awe for a much older brother. He was always so fascinating, so entertaining, so endlessly witty! I knew him very briefly in the grand scheme of things, but then again, in the grand scheme of things, I'm extremely lucky to have known him at all.

Genevieve Lee: Jos took my music class seriously, unlike some of the other seniors in their last semester. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and upbeat manner in class. He was interested enough in music to ask me questions after class or after a concert. The unusual title for his piece "Tough Women II" came about after he attended a concert I played with my colleague, soprano Gwendolyn Lytle. We put together a program which had a group of songs called "Letters from Calamity Jane to Her Daughter" as the centerpiece of the concert. So, we titled the concert "Tough Women" as a lighthearted theme for the program. I guess the concert really made an impression on him or he just really liked the title! His sense of humor was refreshing too.