Jet V.: I'm one of the engineers at WebTV that worked with Jos. I thought that I'd share a couple of my experiences, memorable experiences that I had with Jos, also some kind of funny third hand experiences.

One thing that came to mind, we were talking about mass email that is sent to the company. There is this one piece of email that Jos had sent to the entire company, talking about how, how bad the food is in our cafeteria here. That one piece of email just set off a complete huge, huge email bomb to the rest of the company where people were replying back and forth and peoples' email boxes were getting flooded with like, you know, 500 messages. Because of that, people are no longer allowed to send email to the entire company. Something I kind of realized, you know, that's something that Jos would do.

I was just thinking, when I found he was an economics major, he could have easily become an engineer. Easily. That's how bright he was. I guess at the time it wasn't his thing.

Working with Jos was a real pleasure. I'm not sure if you remember but I took over for his job in escalations when I first started working here at WebTV. He was just a real pleasure to work with, a really bright guy, really creative. Jos was a really, really integral part of the company. He is definately going to be missed, especially by me. A really, really good guy, to know, and to work with. That's it, before I start losing it.