Karen: [months later] A few weeks ago, around Halloween, I thought a lot about Jos because I went to the DC "Drag Races," (also called the High Heel Races), in which Jos had made his debut as the rather... "sexy" (?!) woman. Those pictures of Jos still stick in my mind... what a comic!

I was glad to attend the race this year because I hadn't been able to go last year, and it's a big DC "tradition". Basically, they block off a massive street, and down the middle parade all the "queens", in all sorts of fantastically outlandish outfits, and show off their costumes. It's quite a scene - Jos had a lot of guts to go join it, especially as a straight man!

Jos wasn't held back by what people would "expect" him to do... that probably provided all the extra impetus to do exactly the opposite! Anyway, the street was *packed* with onlookers, all cheering the best-dressed - I'm sure Jos would have had quite a fan-club with his outfit! Eventually, everyone huddled at one end of the street, standing behind a "starting banner" for a while for photos, and then the gun went off and large "women" went pushing and staggering down the street in heels. It was quite entertaining, and the whole time I was imagining how much fun Jos must have been having in the event!

Jon, Oh, I think Jos would be disappointed if you screened out something so ridiculous as him dressed as a woman! :) It definitely deserves to be up there. --Karen

Karen, I appreciate getting your unbiased outside opinion. You must admit though, he's really ornery looking in all the DC photos -- looks about 20 years older too. Must have been a big effort -- even red fingernails!
He was much friendlier looking on Halloween in San Francisco.
and "prettier" in his high school Spanish contest. See the bottom of this page [ oooh, video!].
He would have loved youtube.
Then there was the party at WebTV with Jos in a muumuu. [1], [2], [3], [4],
OK. You win. Of the DC photos, this one isn't too bad.

In 2022 I just happened across two childhood photos One and Two. -- jon

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