Brother Martin (and Yasuko) memories of Jos Claerbout

Brother Martin (and Yasuko) memories of Jos

after wedding


our first hello

our last goodbye

We never got to know each other.

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Speaking at the WebTV memorial, Martin says,

I'd like to add a little about his massage table. There was a time in his life when he had left college. He had gone to Alaska. My parents were worried about him a great deal. They told me he has all these cockamamy ideas about taking a massage table all over the US.

I talked to him on the phone. I said, "You don't seem interested in college."

He said, "I'm not really interested. I'm not getting what I should be getting from it." He was really sincere. He wanted more from college than he was getting from just studying.

We were talking about the idea of him going around America giving massages to people. With him the ideas were just coming and going.

At that time he hadn't got his real introduction to the web yet but he had the idea about setting up a massage home page. We knew that if he had a home page, it didn't really matter who we were. If we called it the "Massage Institute of America", who would know? Having that home page set up, he could could contact and visit massage people all over America. We seriously talked about setting that up. Seriously, well, not so seriously.

He was going to ask people to write things up for his home page, and then he would have the opportunity to visit them in their neck of the woods, when he'd travel around.

He didn't do it. He went back to college.