Audio recording of Rosemary promoting her Afghan charities

Audio recording of Rosemary promoting her Afghan charities
and video of her memories of Jos

Jon Claerbout
After she retired as mayor of Mountain View, California, I recorded Rosemary Stasek (died Sept 24, 2009 in Afghanistan) in October 2006 promoting (at the Mountain View Library?) her charitable programs in Afghanistan. The recording is 83 minutes long. She is delightful!

The audio file is served in two different formats: Try first the file in .ogg format. This works with Firefox.

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Besides enjoying her cheery voice exuding her positive can-do attitude, you get to find out what is really going on in Afghanistan. Rosey could speak better off-the-cuff than I can write (even after lots of revisions). Geez, Rosemary, we didn't want you to leave us. Please come back... (tears).

I regret I failed to record all your presentations, especially the last one in 2009. I've told many people, Rosey, your summary of Afghanistan's problems then. Being yourself in the women's world there, and your husband being in the security industry there, who could know better than you? Four problems starting from the least:

4th (least problem)
There is a full scale war going on along the eastern border.
The economy of the country is based on drugs.
The war lords are back. To take to the highways is to give yourself to them.
1st (greatest problem)
Everyone is corrupt, from the policeman on the corner to the president's brother.

Words of sympathy from Rosemary

After the death of our beloved son Jos, Rosemary stood in front of a video camera and gave us these warm words of hers with him. She was 11 years his senior.

My respects

When I cast my mind back over my long life, I find many friends --- friends who made me proud to be their friend.   No one stands higher on that list than Rosemary Stasek.


Memorial service set for Oct 23, 2009.