Sairam (Sai Surash): I was at a party a few weeks ago, and, as parties do, this one ran until the wee hours, with most of us curled up at random spots on the floor. A friend and I woke up early, before everyone else, including our hosts. We started cleaning up, and by the time we were done, you couldn't even tell a party had been thrown, aside from the large stack of just-washed dishes on the drying rack and the now-full trash bin. Our hosts were incredibly grateful the next time we spoke to them. I told them about the time when I threw a party, and was dumbfounded when I woke up the next morning at how clean the place was, dishes and all, and how great it felt not to have to clean. I realized, after calling Jos the next day, that he had taken the time to clean up in the morning so I wouldn't have to. I couldn't express my appreciation for his thoughtfulness. It actually felt great when I returned the favor (so to speak) by cleaning up our host's apartment, and, in a small way, passed on Jos' kindness.