cousin Tess [aged 16]: I am so very, very sorry. I just heard on Sunday because I had a birthday party on Saturday. When I heard, I cried for a very long time and I couldn't stop. When you called, I wanted to talk to you but I couldn't talk - I'm so sorry!

Jos was so special and different. Even though he lived s far away from us, it made the time he spent with us more special. We all wanted to be with Jos whenever there was the possibility of an opportunity. I still have my toessel which I love so much. I hope that he liked the drawings I made him as much as I like his toessel.

I remember the last time I was out there he was showing us his new "tool". It still makes me laugh whenever I him of him saying: "Go tool. Yea Tool!" I'm also really sorry I never got to see him as Buffy. Andrew showed me the picture and I cracked up laughing. I'm glad he got to have so much fun in life. I'm so proud he was my cousin. He was always doing something different that nobody else could possibly hope to dream up. And that he could always do it without being afraid of what other people would think. A lot of people wish they could be like that. He was also lucky to have you as parents. He thought you were the greatest, I know because he would tell me about all the adventures he had with you and how much fun they had been. All my love, Tess