Working with Jos ..

WebTV farewell to Jos

August 26, 1999

Cafe Trident at WebTV
1295 Charleston Avenue
Mountain View

Story teller K i e c a Mahoney reveals
"He immediately starts calling me K i e c alicious."

Eight friends speak up
"Man, this is one ANGRY toothpaste."
"He'd lick your bald head. He'd give you a back rub."
"...and you are still trying to open your bag of Cheetos."
"What's that?"   "I think I am just menstrual."
"... and interrogated her like Barbara Walters on amphetamines."
"Would it be appropriate if I brought a massage table to my cubicle?"
"I had a vision of Jos towering above me looking down at me and shaking his head..."
"Oh come on Stonesy! You can bleed a little faster than that."

Family recalls his former life
"Stanford? Jos tried not to get in."
"My parents were worried about him a great deal."
"I just thought, `I'm too tall'."
"Jos was a very different person before he came to WebTV."
"He was nursed until he was almost four".

Four friends afterwards send video memories to the family:
Rosemary S t a s e k, Hilari H a r d i n, Paul R y b i c k i, J e t Villavicencio,

Project Lovebunny.
"That project name is never going to go away as long as I am here."

Tribute to Jos (video tape) 9/1999
10 minutes
Fear of a Black Toessel:
90 minutes
WebTV farewell to Jos (this page on video)
10 minutes
Rear Cubicle, his video tale.

Poster signed by coworker friends

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