The Namesakes of Johannes Claerbout

Namesakes of Johannes "Jos" Dianovich Claerbout

Announcement from Sairam   Hooray!

Introducing Sahadev Jos Suresh, born February 8, 2012, 7 lbs, 19 inches, Son of Sairam and Jenny. In June we hear he's getting big and more active every day; "it's amazing to watch."
Sahadev Jos Suresh

More Namesakes of Johannes "Jos" Dianovich Claerbout

Johanna Madeline Gomes Speckhardt (2004) born 4/2001

(1/05) She has become more conscious of her vegetarianism and the fact that others eat meat. I thought by this age she might want to try some meat, but instead she has become quite the militant vegetarian. She asked her teacher one day if she killed the chicken she was eating, and routinely reports that she has been encouraging her classmates to become vegetarians. One day a friend was over and sang the "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" song. When she got to the part where she swallowed a cow, she asked Johanna, "Wouldn't you be really full if you swallowed a cow?" To which Johanna simply replied, "I don't eat meat, Silly!"

One would think we were pushing a very militant vegetarian message at home, in fact, it comes up very little at all, and everyone else on both sides of our families eats meat, so she is certainly around meat-eaters often enough!

Leo Johannes Powers (2004) born 10/2003

(2/05) Leo's giving kisses now but sometimes these are more like a lick. And he says a very clear "uh-oh!" about everything--sometimes it seems like ten times a minute. Fork drops, uh-oh. Toy rolls out of reach, uh-oh. Nothing in particular seemed to change, uh-oh, uh-oh.

His latest fascination is with bugs--during the sunny part of the day there are lady bugs crawling around on the big kitchen window all the time and he seems to spend maybe 25% of his day checking them out, pointing and saying "Buh! Buh! Buh!" and we say "Buh-Guh! Buh-Guh, Leo say "-Guh!" Then when one of the ladybuh's chooses to fly off or trips he says "uh oh!"

Jonas Schwab (2005) born 2/2003

(1/06) Jonas is a happy camper. Very busy keeping up with his siblings when riding his tricycle or pillow fighting in mommy's big bed. He is very proud of being a big boy -- that eats with a fork, sleeps in his own big bed, and goes potty by himself (most of the time). His favorite expression is "oh-oh" uttered at any mishap. His parent's favorite expression is "okay" pronounced with a very friendly upswing in his voice. Jonas suffers from several food allergies and asthma -- but is very good about taking precautions and medication -- "Okaaayyyy". He loves to take his bath in the evening especially when joined by his older siblings -- "Okaaayyy". And he finally is a great charmer generous with hugs and kisses.

News from 2005

Johannes (was Jeremy in 1979)
Johanna 2005

News from 2006

Leo is very fired up for his big trip! I have been telling him "sheep stories" before naps and bedtime (at his persistent request). The story always involves a daddy sheep and a baby sheep getting on an airplane and going to see Grammy and grampy sheep. It's pretty thinly veiled since they get to swim in Grampy sheep's hot tub, and Grammy sheep pushes baby sheep on the swing at the park, etc. But he totally plays along and wants to hear it constantly. Anyway, he is jazzed for a fun visit with you folks.

Yesterday he picked up a book of nursery rhymes that we've been reading to him since he was very small and just started "reading" through it page after page. Jack and Jill, Three Blind Mice, Ring Around, Baa Baaa black sheep, etc...he got through about six of them or so quite convincingly recited/"read" and then he got to one about "the lady of banbury cross" or something that we haven't read quite as much and he said something slurred about "riding a cockhorse tobanburycross" and then looked up and said, "you have to read this one, it's a tricky one." Very cute! He also has the first six or seven pages of the Tale of Peter Rabbit completely memorized, verbatim. Anyway, just a sliver of some of the fun you're in for.

[9/06] He is especially endearing when we're out and about. Today I took him and Huck to the library. Leo greets everyone we see: "Hello there, LJ! (the librarian) I am here to see the children's room. Oh look, LJ! There are other people here reading books! Hello! (to the other people) Did you see this book? It is a lift the flap book. Would you like to share this book with me? It has Maisy in it. I like books a lot." You can imagine that his gregariousness gets a great response from people. Later, a young woman held two doors in a row for us (I had my hands full with books, Huck, diaper bag, etc.) and Leo looked up at her and said. "Thank you! And thank you again! That was very kind of you to hold the door for us TWO times! Wasn't that kind of her, mommy?!"

News from 2010

Jos' friend, maiden name Abby Paske has had a baby daughter.
She is named Julia, for Jos.
Julia, May 2010