Brief Portfolio - Jos Claerbout Written by Jos 1/28/99 and left with his Stanford files

Jos Claerbout's Greatest Hits

What is the Resolution of a TV Screen? The first in a prospective series on the far technical side of "Internet on TV", also my first article that required dedicated research. Read as an example of:
  • Clear treatment of a complex question
  • A fairly technical article that doesn't abandon beginners
The Gentle Deceit of HTTP Response Headers This column was my first for Developer. Read it as an example of:
  • Humor used to engage rather than distract
  • Wide audience appeal
Don't Fear The Oop! I created this Web site after studying Java for three weeks. Read it as an example of:
  • A novel approach to a very popular topic
  • Content differentiation according to audience
This site has proven popular for over a year and a half, and has been recommended in University courses. I still get mail from computer science majors who find its approach useful and refreshing.
Yossel's Toessels Read for examples of copywriting. The best examples are in the "Models" section.