These words could change your life!

These words could change your life!

"Renée, what color convertible are you going to get?"
"I don't even like convertibles!   Jos, why would I want a convertible?"
"To carry all of the gold bars these ideas are going to bring you!"


"While hundreds of companies cater to selling business supplies and products, there is not yet a company that caters to the latest industry standard: the cubicle."

ahhh, business school!

"I've been convinced that I must go to business school and launch this idea myself!"

Portable Massage Table

"Amigito," Jos began, "I have a wonderful idea that you would be a fool not to want to be a part of."


"Micropayments?   Love it. I'll send a business proposal to them next weekend."

Commerce would never be the same if Jos could just get micropayments to work. "Micropayments would solve the problem of SPAM; just charge everyone a nickel for every piece of email they send you."

Fun to learn foreign languages!

As an echo of the Galoob game, in the last month of his life, Jos looked into putting together speech recognition technology with adventure games to make it fun to learn foreign languages.

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