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KSPC radio Program Guide Spring 1993

Letter from the General Manager

Hey there. My name is Jos and I need your help. We here at KSPC have a problem. We're offering a musical format that's as widely varied, exciting and as supportive of small acts as possible. Tuning in on any given day may yield folk, blues, ska, metal, hip hop or even station favorites Mecca Normal and Steroid Maximus.

The fact that you've asked for this program guide tells me you know this already; so why am I babbling at you? Because you're in the minority. Most of your neighbors seem to think that "alternative" music is actually played on a station recently voted "The Most Popular" in the country.

We're giving you this bumper sticker in the hopes that you'll put it on your car (or your bicycle, plane, canoe, whatever) to help spread the word that true college radio is still alive and kicking. If not, I sure hope you enjoy MTV.

9PM ALTERNATIVE Your friends may not like you or your music. I understand. I'm Manic Stylings.

  1. Erica T-y-r-o-n remembers many stories.

  2. Jano tells the story of an elaborate hoax.

Late addition

Jos' brother writes, "Aha! I knew that I had a treasure kicking around that you can add to that page. One of Jos' shirts that was far too dirty to ever wear (thus a favorite of his, I'm sure) was a KSPC shirt. Or perhaps there was a cleaner one that went into the t-shirt quilt? Either way, a pic of it should go with that page which seems to me oddly popular."
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