Burly Andrew shows us a sporty thong toessel made in the middle of the second toessel season.
"How can I eat bugs if I used to be one?"

To what do I owe my health? Bugs. It's just part of being a fully actualized individual. If you can't eat a bug, it stands to reason that you're uncomfortable with yourself, and probably, more than a little uncomfortable with what you were in a past life. Maybe you were a bug. That's fine, we've all got issues in our past. Take me for instance. I was seven kinds of beetle in South America alone before I even made it up to being a pig. I know what you're going to say: how can I eat bugs if I used to be one? Well, let me tell you: before I was a bug, I spent an uneventful nine years as a rutabaga bush in Brazil. And trust me, half the time, I was just waiting for someone to take a bite out of me.