Kudos for Jos Claerbout and his Webscissors

Kudos for Jos Claerbout and his Webscissors

Newsgroups: alt.pagebuilder.help

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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 13:32:04 -0500 (EST)

From: SecretAdmirer Please read this: http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/sep/jon/family/jos/webscissors/ In grief, Beth

From: catandgeo How very tragic!! I am in the process of collecting for my pages and have used Webscissors 99% of the time. I always wondered who came up with the idea. It is so simple even I can use it. It is such a waste that such talent was cut down so soon. As the book says "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Is there an email address so that we may express our condolences to the family?

From: fourthrok This is tragic news....my heart aches with sorrow. Deepest condolences to his friends and family....and to us all, his "WebTV family". Farewell, Jos....

From: MissShygal (protege) This is very sad for us all. He had such a gift, and shared it with all of us. Webscissors--the best!! God Bless him. I'm truly sad. Shy

From: Vkfr (V K) The Loss of Jos Claerbout A bright light extinguished too soon, a promise not yet realized. Our condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of this talented young man. Their loss is felt keenly by us all. Vicki K

From: aydelott (Steve and Ruth) When Jos died, Webtv mentioned it in "Club WebTv" and that was that. Now that we all know that Webscissors was his baby, here's Webtv's chance to express how much they valued Jos, and to keep his memory alive: WebTv should officially "adopt" Webscissors and make it an "official" Pagebuilder tool. We learned today that Jos was paying for Webscissors out of his own pocket. Surely, no one expects his parents to keep up the payments on this valuable resource. Surely, no one want Webscissors to disappear. What a golden opportunity for WebTv to Do Something Good and give us "Jos' Tool". Steve and Ruth

From: angelorbrat (blue eyed angel/brat) ditto Steve and Ruth... he gave us a great tool to extract images.. unselfishly and at his own expense... his memory should live on.. even if we didn't know him personally he will be missed by all.. . ditto the rest too :( I know this is especially hard for those like Beth who knew him

From: WtvW (alliance: "Web Tv Watchers" WTvW) The loss of "Jos" was tragic but the gift he left with us of his works and present friends who do not forget to remember those who've shared and cared is a blessing that honors his still ever present great worths. Respectfully, WTvW

From: elcabasagrande (BigHead) This is so sad. I had the oppurtunity to correspond with Jos (aka A-Hyphen) on several occasions; and he always treated my questions and suggestions with kindness and graciousness.

From: Hrbsparky (Harry R. Bellerby) god speed my friend your memory lives on through our pages. our "community" would not be possible without you........................Sparky :(

From: hipdelbert (Dale) If his work says anything it was that he was someone that really cared about Webbies. We shall not see his like again.

From: MONKEYMANN (gary mann) The world is full of silent, kind, giving people that most of us have never met nor will we ever get the opportunity to know. But they all have something in common. By their example, they make the rest of us all want to be better, kinder, and more giving people. Society gains much from what these silent heros teach us. We have lost a great teacher.

From: Angelaruth49 (Angela Olson) What a nice person! He really took a risk in helping us. It's a sad loss. Sincerely, Angela

From: mauironnie (mauironnie) His work lives on, as will what we all do here. A reminder to all of us, to enjoy each other, we're all in this together. Thanks Jos, for Webscissors. aloha.

From: imp-1 (greenmonk) I've never used Webscissors, but after reading about Jos, I feel as though I've lost a friend. My thoughts and prayers to his family. greenmonk

From: TDBLEDSOE11 (LISA) this is a sad loss. web scissors was a great idea and people like Jos will truly be missed. lisa

From: CRGrady (Cg) This is very sad news. Hopefully WebTV will pick up webscissors.com so that all Jos' work will not have been in vain. Condonlences to all his friends and family. Cg

From: inetdou Thank you Jos, for all you have done for us and everyone that has yet to experience your fine art on this canvas. Thank you from us all!

From: us_131 (SwampRat) This is crushing news. I am without words (for a change). I know how I feel. His talent shared so freely, what a tremendous contribution he made. I can only imagine the grief his family must feel. I have used and told others about Webscissors so often, I feel I should give tribute to him on my humble page.

From: THE-PLUMMER A great lost in our webtv world it was simply the easiest to use, even I could use it.And it always worked.

From: DIRTY98 My sympathy to everyone JOS has left behind. I want to say that through his pages and the letters to his parents that his memory will last and thanks for sharing them in your grief. Words fail to tell what the heart feels.

From: cando99 Just read the pages about JOS and wish I had known him! For the parents and friends of such a outstanding young man I can feel your grief and express my deepest sympathy for your loss.

From: onestranger My condolences in the passing of Jos. I know that webtv is a better place for him having been here.

From: JANETofOS (JAN) My deepest sympathy to Jos family and friends. He made his life here on earth really count! Sincerely, Jan

From: ProfMarvel (The Great Marvello) Jos will be greatly missed. Back in July, some friends and I got together and made: http://www.mimes.com/s In August, when WebScissors was posted in this newsgroup, my good friend made contact with Jos by telephone. The conversation was on linking, and a few other various topics. From what my friend told me, Jos was a webtver who was extremely knowledgable. We had no idea he worked for WebTV. I have been reading the Developer pages for a very long time. Jos`s input will be greatly missed. I agree, WebTV should adopt WebScissors. Happy Holdays to all. Professor Marvel

From: echristian (Elizabeth Christian) I just found out about Websissors last week....had been out of the country when the pagebuilder appeared. This is a wonder tribute and explanation of what has been going on behind the scenes. I appreciate the unselfishness of such a man. Is there a way we can get Webtv to make this part of the regular sitebuilder ? Elizabeth

From: READ_THIS- I am not good with expressing my feelings but i think this is a fitting poem for Jos's family and friends. griefnet.org/library.dir/guardian.html

From: ginngerndinghy (Ginnger *) Such a great loss! Words can't express the sense of loss here!

From: hipsis (Hipsis) To Jos Family: I know what your going through at the lost of your son. Back in July of this year after my brother and I had been on line with Webtv just for a few weeks we lost our grandfather. Your Son's site was a wonderful tool and it should be adopted by Webtv Networks and make a part of the pagebuilder scrapbook file manager. May you keep his memory alive in your hearts.

From: SecretAdmirer Your posts have been a great comfort to Jos parents. One of their greatest fears was that he would be forgotten outside of his family. Now they know this to not be true. No one will be able to use WebScissors without smiling and remembering a very funny guy with a huge heart, a humanitarian who was loved greatly and only knew how to act like he was raised- with love and respect. If you get a chance, check out his home page: http://sepwww.stanford.edu/data/media/public/sep/jon/family/jos/ You will roar at his "toessel" page and "he could of got fired for this" page linked lovingly by his parents. We grieve for our loss and sympathize with his parents, but we can also laugh like he wanted us to. I've enjoyed reading your posts and am just so darn proud to know you all. As a group we always come together and as a group we face a road we know we are not travelling alone. I look forward to the future as a member of a group destined to define humanity on the internet. with love from, Beth

From: Slizzy (Big Daddy) Here is the Club WebTV article from September. http://www.webtv.net/corp/clubwebtv/cwtv0999/founders.html I might be wrong but I remember http://community.webtv.net/DataBrain/PageBuilder/ being the first PB-uploader. Who also went by the name Jos, and was very active APH. His WebTV pages were last updated 8-20-99.

From: SandyFromTX (~Sandy2~) To Beth and the family and friends of Jos. The candle burns brightly, then flickers and is snuffed out. Such was the life of a vibrant and brilliant young man named Jos. He was a true tribute to mankind and will always touch others through his concern for others. Thanks Jos for your webscissors...a memorial that will carry your memory on. My deepest sympathy to all who knew and loved him. Sandy2

From: Queeneebee (Queeneebee) I am constantly astounded at the generosity to be found on the Web. May Jos know peace and happiness in his new life beyond this earthly one. QB

From: zenzan (Zan) Thank you Beth for making Jos known to us. Somewhere it was said that the purpose of life is to Love Life ... passion for what brings you joy and assist humanity. It seems, from reading is pages and tributes, that Jos accomplished this in a short period of time... and evolved. Even though I didn't know him, I loved what he created. Thanks for enlightening us!

From: flamenco4u (Jeffrey) I have WebScissors on my F2 key........I am totally agreeing with the adoption of WebScissors by webtv------it is simply, a cool site to use........my heart felt sympathy goes to Jos family and friends........but i think that the site should be renamed as---->JosWebScissors WHEN ANGELS WEEP

From: TomGreene101 (tomasito deVerde) Beth, I have been in this NG about 3 hours in all this week, the last hour reading these posts. I grew up in Virginia stomping the halls of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry and the like and I could quote them with deep understanding way beyond my years. Now I don't know what to say. I knew when I saw "Dianovich", I was about to learn about a character. Jos lives!