Grampy Jon's Video and Photos

Videos temporarily at Stanford

Originally I made these videos for DVD using some music background. Then I put them on Youtube. Then Youtube blocked them because of fragments of copyrighted music. Eventually, I plan to distribute these videos on thumb drives. Meanwhile, I put them here at Stanford for you to enjoy now if you like. Do not expect them to remain here.

1993-costaRica.mp4 (44:01)   Jon, Diane, and Jeremy go to Costa Rica. Andrew (age 22) arrives and we find Amy.
Likely to be removed by June 15, 2020

2002-Hanna+Hina_3_visits_a_month.mp4 (41:32)   Gee those little girls are cute!   Hanna (almost 5) proclaims, "I shop all night and I sleep all day!" and "Grampa, you're fat!"   Hina "asks" Grampy to dance.
Likely to be removed by June 15, 2020

2005-Reunion+Hidden_Villa.mp4 (55:19)   begins with a one-minute slide show summary of the 54-minute video.   Those baby goats (starting at 6:23) are just too much fun!
Likely to be removed by June 15, 2020

2004_HannaHina_NewYear.mp4 (38:04)   Hanna is almost 6.   Grammy provides stylish dress-up clothing.
Likely to be removed by June 21, 2020

1999_RosemaryStasekJos.mp4 (15:00)  This movie is here at Grammy's request.
Likely to be removed by June 21, 2020.

LISTING.txt is a list of 130 family videos

I would be delighted to upload a few more at your request.

Links to slide shows at Google Photos

Captions for slides:   A great many slides have captions. Silly Google Photos in 2020 does not give you clues that captions are often available or how you need to invoke them. First, if you see an "info" window on the right, X it away. Then, captions will/(should) apprear near the bottom left corner of the screen. They may disappear after a few moments. To try to convince them to stay, move your pointer over them (lower left on screen).

Leo goes to Italy

Grampy Jon's biking club

Intrigued?   Ask for more links or wait for the USB flash drive.

Slide shows you can request the link for

Sorry about the order. Although the newest ones are on top, many are "new" simply because I've been scanning Diane's albums of older photos. Upon request, I can make an album with a scan over my thousands of photos for "balloons" or "rowboats" or "fish" or "Hina", etc.

Photos on Jon's desktop computer

I could try uploading some of these folders to Google Photos.   But which ones of these folders?   Many might be already in Google Photos.   Alternately, I can target them at my upcoming USB thumb drives.   It's annoying having my photos sprinkled over my home computer and Google Photo, but any consolidation would be immense work, and to which of the two does it really belong?   I suppose Google manages it better, but my home computer has more predictability.   (I was bummed when Google abandoned their Picasa.)   I suppose I'll put them on the thumb disk.   Then users can view them with Apple Preview.   Or maybe I can jin up a suitable html viewer like MakeHtmlFigViewer.txt   I wonder how many photos is too many for it?