What's Jon doing for fun?

Fly on the weekend and save $150.   Lucky you no rent a car in summer -- costs $550/week.

Saturday and Sunday: overnight at a downtown Anchorage hotel.

Sunday: Many nearby things to choose among. This information was supplied by Erica at 1-888-414-7669. For your orientation, the Knik glacier is about an hour from Anchorage, the Matanuska glacier two hours. Google maps shows the Matanuska glacier drainage West to Palmer and the Knik glacier drainage WNW towards Palmer.

Matanuska glacier (two hour drive from Anchorage)
The guide service told me they are not yet open for the season. Erica told me this easy walk on the glacier (which I have done) will be open on May 11 and we will be able to walk around. Possible small admission at the gate. Two hours on the Glenn Highway, about 2000 feet past the Matanuska Glacier State Rec Site (which is only a viewing area), then down across the river towards the glacier.
Knik glacier ATV Tel 907-868-7669 Res 888-414-7669 (one hour drive from Anchorage, or they will pick you up at any hotel)
2.5 hours on the All Terrain Vehicle. Driver plus rider $189+$99 on one ATV. Includes heavy weather gear for all. This trip does not make it all the way to the glacier. (Another does.) A picture at the end point is here, scan down until you see a photo with 2 yellow, 1 grey ATVs.
Knik glacier jet boat trip
2 hours on the water, $159 per person.
Knik glacier both boat trip above and ATV trip above
$325 driver, $225 rider. Includes lunch and transportation from Anchorage.
Knik glacier flightsee
Seaplane leaves from Anchorage, 1.5 hours, $189, (See nice little video.)

Monday morning: Free or choose from above.

Monday afternoon: Drive to Seward for SEP meeting ice breaker.

Tuesday: I'll go to the meeting. 2-3 hour lunch break at the Exit Glacier. Sister will drive and spend night in Kenai, Soldatna, or Homer

Wednesday: I'll go to the meeting. Sister and spouse will join the Fox Island alumni dinner.

Thursday: I'll go to the alumni session. Sister and spouse will probably join.

Friday and Saturday: We'll stay at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood (half way back to Anchorage). Three things to choose for two days:
(1) How far can I get up the Harding Ice Field trail?
(2) Prince William Sound glacier cruise. My sister chose this one which we'll take. I had been leaning towards this one which looks about as good.
(3) Maybe hike the Winner Trail from Alyeska Lodge.

Sunday: Sis flies back early. We do not return to Anchorage until noon.

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