How to download a program parse a poem into fragments on a Mac or Linux


How to install this program
(on a Mac or Linux)
to parse a poem into fragments
as an aid to memorization

I, Grampy Jon Claerbout, am a beginner at internet programming so this is pretty chancy, but at least it has been tested once by someone besides me (maybe).

These instructions are for Linux and Mac. It might be easy to install on any PC that already has "awk" and "tcsh". The main system differences are the need to specify input and output locations once at the beginning.


  1. Download the to your desktop.
  2. Double click on it to unpack it getting a folder named Poem.
  3. Drag Poem into your Application folder and look inside it for a file named "BuildPoems4Mac"
  4. Double click on BuildPoems4Mac. It should tell you that it has created in your Documents folder a folder named Poems.
  5. In your Documents/Poems find a file named index.html. Double click on it and your browser should pop up at your offline web site for my older poem archive. Leave your browser open to see changes you will make.
  6. Enter new poems in the folder /Applications/Poems/poems/   Make sure your new file names are only one word. Your poems better not be in some fancy format or it won't work. What does work is to find the poem you want on the internet. Highlight what you want, and copy with apple-c. Then open the Apple program "TextEdit" and paste with apple-v. Save in /Applications/Poems/poems/{MyNewPoem}
  7. Double click again on "BuildPoems4Mac
  8. Refresh your Firefox browser (or Safari window with apple-R.)   Success!
  9. I made some nice one-page PDF files for The Creation of Sam McGee, but if you want any more, you'll need to make them yourself.

Linux or Unix

Have a peep inside BuildPoems4Linux
You need to change the source and target directories (because they won't be the same as mine). Then pretty much follow the Mac instructions above.