Raven's matrices

"Raven's matrices" are an IQ test introduced in 1938.   Remarkably, it is language independent.   You can "read" it upside down or sideways!   I found a copy of the test on the web (with answers!).   (Web search quickly finds you average scores by country.   Smarter countries are richer.)   The Raven test has 60 questions ranging from easy to hard.   Here are four of them.

This is the first question, the easiest one. The illustration is a puzzle missing one piece.   You have six pieces to choose from. Which piece belongs in the puzzle?

This is question 31 of 60.   I don't know how the test is scored, but I'm going to guess if you solve this one correctly, your IQ is greater than 100.

This is question 48 of the 60 question test.   First time I looked at it I got the right answer (then found it on the web).   While assembling this document I looked at it again and guessed the wrong answer.   Ha ha.

This is the last question in the test.   I did not even try it.   Enjoy!

Fun, Games, and the Meaning of Life

A newer test (complete, free) is at https://iqpro.org/.   Provocative searches: "IQ nations", "honesty nations", "wealth nations", "IQ democracy", "homicide states", "IQ jail", "IQ gap images", "IQ Sailer", "IQ obesity", "IQ intercourse", "IQ denialism".   Race names are geographic. Study geography and be accused of racism!  

Seriously though, what should be our relationship with those fated to be born less gifted than ourselves?   Two ways to look at this:   (1) What should USA race policies be?   (2) In your declining years you write a will to disburse your estate. Assuming your children vary widely in intellect, health, wealth, and honesty (as countries do), what should your policies be?   BEWARE: It's rare parents who discover their kids all alike in intellect, health, and socialization.

This document is at http://sep.stanford.edu/sep/jon/raven/.