More writing of Jos Claerbout

More writing of Jos Claerbout

Jos wrote for the pure pleasure of it. Besides his many writings elsewhere on this site are these miscellaneous writings.

Notice the rings on his fingers.

  1. Jen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance "You must be in heat," she wryly commented.

  2. "How the terminator taught me to knit."

  3. "The best thing I ever did for my education was dropping out of college." You gotta leave it if you want to love it.

  4. I am a Co-Dependent "Hey, eating deoderant lollipops would be more fun than this."

  5. Friskies announces Cat Food for Nation's Elderly, a submission to a popular humor magazine, The Onion.

  6. Jos resigned from WebTV. The founders hired him back at double the pay. Resignation letter.

  7. Gym talk: "I am not Jos. You shall refer to me as Captain Protein."

  8. "The signs of springtime are all around..." Nookie.

  9. The Gentle Deceit of HTTP Response Headers: "Do you have any bananas?"

  10. How to pick up a gringa

  11. Ecuador diary: "I'm from L.A."   "Really? Which part, San Francisco?"

  12. "Hey, I'm not a racist, but I hate the French."

  13. Buffy1. A script for a popular TV program

  14. Buffy2. Another Buffy script

  15. Jos tells a lady friend how to learn HTML programming.

  16. What is Developer Relations? Proposal for the boss? Memo writer par excellence.

  17. An alternative to minimum wage laws, Target the Poor.

  18. Jos Claerbout's Greatest Hits (by Jos Claerbout)

  19. A world's highly acclaimed novel is Feyodor Dostoevsky's Russian epic, Crime and Punishment.   Jos read it in high school. Upon completion, he decided the epilogue was disappointing so he wrote a "more interesting epilogue." Enjoy it!   If you have the stamina for Crime and Punishment you'll find it freely available in many forms including audiobooks.

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