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I love getting mail, and do respond to all messages, should you feel so inclined

I would like to knit one of your nice hats (the ones modeled by those nice-looking
boys and girls) for my nice (single, eligible, tall, handsome) son (age 23).
Would any of those hats help him to find a nice girlfriend soon.  I would like t
o be knitting little hats for little grandchildren before I'm eighty.  thank you
PS  Your site is great!!
PPS  He lives in Bellingham, WA

Whilst surfing amoungst the plethora of knitting blaa I found you. I thought you may like to know that I have a similar passion - but have a different name for your Toessel - nuffy hat. Yep, the nuffy hat originally belonged to your Aussie Yobbo - I don't know if you know the stereotype - but lets say they're universal - just take out the hockey and put Australian Rules Football - Anyway - the nuffy hat was grabbed by the alternative semi-feral types and altered somewhat to have an earthy style - and became cool. So I love to knit and will try your version - I will send you one of mine in return in the not too far distant future. It will involve two koalas, a kangaroo's paw and a meat pie wrapper...I like your web and style of humour - your surrounded by American sites - need I say more. Danielle
Great site! What a fun find for a Friday at work! (holy alliteration) I learned how to knit last year and can't get enough of it. My first project was a pair of mittens, that I wear with great pride! Other than that I have knit a baby blanket, sweater, booties and DOZENS of dishclothes. My next project will definately be a hat - it never looked this fun before! I also think it would be fascinating to hear about some of the trades you have accepted, that is if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm sure I'll be back. -Sauna Bitch
Dear Mr. Yossel, I love your tossels. It's great to find an artist who isn't afraid to express themselves in the medium of knitting. I wish I could be so brave but I am much too conservative. That is not to say that I do not have a sense of humor, but my knitting does lack that. Do not fret about your lack of knitting skills--you will learn with trial and error. If not, you could take a class or two but it is important is that you continue to express yourself. I would have loved to have seen Queen Vic in a toessel. Alas! A connection with the server could not be established. (I might have been disappointed though to see Judi Dench in a toessel). Knit on, Gretchen
your hats are extra grouse
If you agree to send me a toessel I will wear it every day for at least a day. I will also convince Amber and Ryan to somehow feature it in our comic book (w hich is called Jell-o force. Yes, an obvious copyright infringement, but we nev er charge anyone for it.). We could even put you in there if you'd like. We'll then send you a copy of the comic.
Hi guy! I'm a knitter from way back.....loved your site and your Toessel's. Great idea! Two questions, though: How do you knit the tube for the top or is that a free form thing? ( I wonder if my husband would like to wear sex on the top of his head...) And, secondly, you never mention yarn type or needle that a ploy to get us to trade something with you???Hmmmmm..... Sincerely, Shirley
You are a breath of fresh air - in fact, you are a veritable blizzard! Keep up the good work. M. Rosser I don't know who the hell you are but I must say that you have the most entertaining knitting site on the web. Thanks for loosening things up a bit. I really enjoyed your rants. Here is a dialog i would love to discuss with you or see a rant about: I am an Americorps volunteer in a literacy program at an elementary school. I have taught my students to knit and my seven coworkers got so psyched about it that they all knit too. Its a wonderful scene, us literacy types, cozy on our lunch hour and at meetings, knitting away...BUT! our other americorps pals at other schools believe that we knit to insult them in some way. They believe it is a conspiracy to overthrow civilized culture as they know it. We try to convince them that KNITTING IS NOT A CRIME!!!! What do you think about this? Should we go underground? By the way where in Vermont? Thanks for the laughs, Joan
Hi -- How come when I click on the thumbnail photo of the toessel tube, I get a large photo of a guy wiping his nose on a hat? Just curious. I like the patterns!
hey yossel! My name is jeb. I'm new to the wonderful world of knitting. At this point, I am mostly fascinated with the process of knitting. I like sitting around here and in class knitting. The fact that I may get a hat at the end is a bonus. Currently, I'm making a rather plain hat from a pattern I got at the yarn store. I was wondering why you dont offer the pattern for the flop hat since that is my favourite. I am an amateur bounty hunter of sorts myself, not really amateur, so much as a mercenary or bounty hunter of fortune. When i come across someone who needs a-killin', I dispatch with him. I also noticed that you don't have the flop on your for-sale page. Why not? Also, what interesting trades have you received? Do you know of any other patterns for simple hats? I like the round, cap-ish, beanieish kind. Please write back with any knitting wisdom you can offer me. If your nice, maybe you can peek at my Lopi. jeb.
Okay, this is BY FAR the coolest knitting site I've found so far. So here's my story. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was little, but I never did anything with it. So then I found out my brother's wife is pregnant, so I woke up one morning recently with a mission: I was going to knit the kid a blanket. So I picked it up again. So anyway, I've been looking at knitting sites and want to do a couple practice things and you're hats are great. But I'm still pretty green so I need to ask you what are probably pretty stupid questions. Here they are: 1. Are these done with circular needles? I don't know much about them yet. So if they are, I would knit a line and then the line that just says "knit" means knit the next round? 2. Or if they're done with straight needles, are the lines such as "knit" the return rows? I hope you don't read this and think "great, she's totally knitting ignorant, I can't be bothered to respond." I mean, if you don't help me I could be forced back to those droll web sites created by little old knitting ladies, get bored with the craft, and turn to cross-stich or something. And that would be a shame. TIA, molly
From:Ningbo Haitian (Group) Corp. Ningbo China Tel: 86-574-7270554 Fax: 86-574-7342775 To: Yossel . Dear Sirs, We are a Corp.which is in the line of exporting the half-finished Straw Hats for over 10 years, and knowing you are a professional this line. We sincerely hope to establish the business relations with you. As you know Ningbo is a famous location for weaving and knitting the best Straw Hat Bodies in China. And has been exporting the products to Hong Kong, Europe and United States and has won a good reputation at overseas market. Myself have once been to United States twice for promoting these products. Currently we supply lots of kinds of hat bodies of which can be made Seagrass, Skin of Seagrass, Ramie, Wheat Straw, Nante Straw, Rush Straw, Malan Straw. Chinese Toyo and Japanese Toyo (Paper Yarn), Cotton,Wool, Acrylic, Visca Etc. If any of those items are fit for your present requirements please just inform us our Chinese Art.No. We will quote our best prices and send our samples for your reference immediately. We hope you will have the opportunity to come to Ningbo to take a look to our factories. And you will enjoy our best services in the future days. We are looking forward to your early reply. Best Regards William Li P.S.: Please forwards this e-mail to the purchasing department if this is not valid for yours. Many thanks.

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