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What style appeals to you most?

The Homey

The Beret

The Conqueror

The Tube

The Uber

The Thong

The Bowler

The Papa Bear

The Turban

The Cadillac

The Angry Teapot

The pHat

How hot is it where you live?
Hotter than two mice humping in a wool sock.
Tain't too hot, tain't too cold.
Polar bears huddle for warmth.

How much should I spend on the yarn?
I'm very high-maintenance.
Whatever you feel I'm worth.
Taco Bell is too pricey for me.

What colors would you like?

Special Orders don't upset us.

What do I get out of it?
Psst! Make sure you've read the the list of things I'm looking for when considering what to put in this box.

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