The deconvolution of a helix can be a tricky thing. But not as tricky as fitting three scoops into a waffle cone. What appeals to me about the ice cream business is the variety. Say, a little kid comes in. Well, I like to give him a little more on the top of the cone, if you know what I mean. And say a woman, perhaps watching her weight? I skim a little bit off for her. Don't even mention it. Keeping all that straight can be difficult. That's why I've set aside at least 15 minutes a day for some recreational thinking in my custom toessel. In fact, it was after a tough day scooping rocky road and triple sherbet that I came up with a theory of how to do away with two-dimensional mathematics. It's nothing, really, but it gives me something to work on when I'm all out of the double vanilla swirl with minature fudge fish.

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