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Having rocked the world of Wild West historians "Diane" is now dealing with the aftershocks. Larry King, Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, these are not just names, but conversation partners. "My felted toessel always lets 'em know that I'm keeping it real," Diane comments. And keep it real she does. Her latest historical blockbuster, "It Didn't Happen That Way" revealed a shocking statistic covered up by mainstream historians: "Cowboys? 87% female. It's right there in the book if you don't believe me." [More!]
"No one understands how much poets have to drink" starts "Mike", his troubled soul warmed by his turquoise homey toessel. No matter what sacrifices were necessary, Mike has crawled to the top of the national poetry circuit, having appeared in Crown Books nationwide, as well as several Piggly-Wigglies and even an In-N-Out Burger. Of that appearance, Mike says, "It was really short stuff I was dropping on them as they drove through. Mostly haiku." [More!]
"When you hunt men for profit, versatility becomes crucial." This is why "Eric", a professional bounty hunter, opted for a custom flop toessel when it came time to evaluate his headwear needs. Allowing him to pose as anything from a Chinese railroad laborer to a French aristrocat, Eric is thrilled with how his hat can make him blend into crowds. "Stare at this picture long enough," taunts Eric, "and I'll disappear." [More!]
"It's lonely being the Pope" warns local holy man "Jay". Since the start of his campaign last summer to create a second schism among the followers of the Catholic faith, Jay has led a busy life. No one said being God's lone apostle on earth (or, as Jay concedes, one of his lone apostles on earth) is easy, "but this bowler toessel sure makes it comfy!" [More!]

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